Soul Aspects

Things are never what they seem. As you look around, things may feel and sometimes look different than normal. You can reminisce about old times, but that is not where you live and not where you choose to be. Old friends call and want to know what you are doing now and what happened to you since they last saw you, perhaps as much as twenty or thirty years ago. Why would they care? It is so they can tell their friends who knew you then or just out of curiosity.

You are not the same person you were in high school or college. You look different and are different. You have moved on and perhaps they have not and wondered what life was like for you. No two people are the same. You chose a different path from them and yes, it was nice to hear from them, but do you really want to connect and visit each other again? You may or may not. How do they fit into your current life or would they? Do you have a contract with that individual, is there a message for you in the conversation or was the person just yearning to find out what happened to you?

Life moves forward with or without you. Choose to move forward with it rather than linger in the past. The past was filled with lessons and you have learned them. Maybe you were really good friends and want to connect again and be a part of each other’s life as friends again.

You change throughout your lifetime and become a different person. Your soul wishes to accomplish many things, to create and learn lessons, but cannot do so in one lifetime. Your soul created other aspects for specific purposes. When it is time to experience that specific purpose, then that aspect will step into your body. For example, maybe your soul wants to experience being married to another person. The aspect created for that experience would step in. Maybe your soul wants to experience being a teacher to assist children. Then an aspect is created for that. You are never the same person as you were when you were born and may never be again.

How do you know when an aspect has stepped in to join you in your body? Some may feel lighter or a little happier or see things in a more vibrant way. Aspects may stay with you the rest of your life or return to the soul if they have finished their purpose. The soul is responsible for what it creates. It may have created thousands of aspects with many of them on the same planet. Aspects can be an animal, a fairy, a light or whatever it chooses and in different dimensions. You may have many aspects in your body at the same time. Are they always congenial with you? No.

When an aspect is created, part of the energy of the soul is given to the aspect. Since the soul needs energy to move into the fifth dimension, it may call back all aspects that were still in the third or fourth dimensions that were finished with their work or not moving forward into the fifth. When the aspect returns to the soul, the soul may give part of the aspect’s energy to the aspect that is striving to continue to ascend. How much is given depends on the soul.

More about aspects will be covered in the book I am currently working on. I will tell you more about it as the writings continue.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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