Continuous Change

Nature is always changing, whether it be the direction of the flow of water toward the easiest and lowest path to the weather patterns which affects the types of plants that will thrive or survive in particular areas. Man must also change and adapt to its surroundings as things change, whether it be a move from the city to the suburbs, a move from one state to another or accepting the changes as one ages.

We must also find a balance with nature. Observe to become aware. Empaths use this as a tool, more so than others. We usually use our senses first to process what we see instead of our mind. It is the little things that engage us through our senses; beauty draws us in.

Looking to the simplicity in life, we tend to think that it cannot be that simple and try to make it more complex. For example, in Tai Chi Chi, there is one movement that almost everyone seems to have difficulty with. The basic move is called ‘pulling taffy’ It is really quite simple, but the mind tends to make things more complex. Complexity is also within simplicity.

How can we assist nature? One way is by decreasing our consumption of ‘needing’ the latest and greatest tech products. The garbage dumps around the world are filling with these things; plastic bags are found in streams and rivers where fish are affected. Even coral reefs are dying off. Is this the legacy we choose to leave?

Nature is very efficient. It uses only what it needs; nothing is left to waste. Birds of prey stay and watch over the carcass until it is finished, leaving only a few feathers. Yes, we recycle; however all packaging is not recycled.

Follow the laws of nature, which are obtained by observing and experiencing nature. Life would be easier and we could have a better future. Ask questions of nature. Listen for the answers in silence with a clear mind. The answer is always where the question is asked. Nature can be very powerful. In the higher dimensions, we will be able to work with nature in different ways. We are all part of the oneness, just as nature also is.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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