Change; The Only Certainty


You are all divine. Most of you cannot believe this. You think too little of yourselves because when growing up, many of those around you belittled you, saying such things as you were a mistake. God does not make mistakes.

You are a creation of God made in his image. This means that you are great also. God knows all and sees all. As you move into higher realms, you become multidimensional. You have access to all information. The human form was made so you could enjoy and experience life through your five senses. God wants to experience and know himself. What a good way to do so through the human experience.

People think there is only one lifetime for them. In a sense, this is true. Your soul created many aspects of itself so it could have more experiences of knowing itself. You are one aspect of the soul. At different times of your life, another aspect or aspects may also step into your body to experience certain events and then step out or continue to stay. As you grow, you will find you are not the same person as you were years ago, or maybe even a day ago.

Life is always changing. Change is the only certainty in reality. You are composed of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed. In future lifetimes, yes, you do reincarnate, you are not the exact same person. You have changed. A book could easily be written on this topic, but that is not the purpose of this book.

Life continues on through cycles into higher dimensions and experiences when you are ready to do so. Death is like stepping from one room to another. Family and loved ones watch over you and assist when they can. Most individuals have a sense that a family member is around them from time to time. The signal may be a familiar song that both of you loved or one that sends a message of love. It could also be a favorite saying of the individual that you hear in your head. They are just letting you know they are okay.

For some, a former friend or family member may touch you on the back of your hand, on the back of a finger or the side of your face to let you know to be aware of something or that they are present and wanted to say hello.

You can ask an angel to tap on the top of your non-dominate hand if you are somewhere that is dangerous and need to leave immediately. You can also set up a signal to verify you received the correct message.

Life is a continuum that changes and flows. Be aware of what is around you and how you can create more tools to assist you on your journey.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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