Be a Master of Change

This is a day of concern for so many as the announcement of troops being deployed to the Middle East has been announced. The idea of going to war is something most individuals do not desire. It is always with sadness when we see wars among nations. War promotes more war. It does not bring peace. Yet, peace is what the masses desire. Peace brings peace.

It seems like every country wishes to dominate or rule the world. Will that happen? Probably not. Rulers want to rule and control society; however, few of them have kept the masses in mind. The average worker’s pay is not keeping up with the cost of living. CEO’s and their large corporations often give themselves raises and not those who do the labor. How will the problems be solved?

There are so many candidates for president in the United States who want to take from the rich and give to the poor. Why do you think gold and silver prices are rising? That is where the rich are putting a portion of their money. Some of their money will be placed in banks or in assets in other countries. Most of the rich individuals have already made sure their wealth is safe.

How will the rich pay for all the free services promised to the children, such as attending college? They will not. It will come from the middle class or what is left of them. The money will come from those who have retirement accounts, IRA types of accounts and pensions. Those who have worked all of their lives and saved their money for retirement to cover health care, assisting their children and grandchildren, etc. will be the ones who pay.

America was based on capitalism. By giving money to those who went to college, have high debt and want someone else to pay for it, what does that say to those who have worked hard to pay for their own tuition or did not go to college because they would not be able to afford it? What happened to the American dream of prosperity and being able to open your own business? Some say it is because the pay is low. Yet, it was pointed out recently in the online news that coal miners make over $100,000 a year. Plumbers and other types of skilled labors are making very good money but those jobs are not always promoted in education.

One of the things our co-author assisted high school seniors with was to find where their interests and skills were so the students could find an occupation of interest they would enjoy and could support themselves. Some employers even agreed to pay for college tuition if the individual worked part time during college and/or full time for two years after college. The employers also paid them for their work during that time. Being creative can pay off.

Change is what is happening in the world. There will always be change, for it is the only thing one can rely on. In the higher dimensions, one does not have to worry about where his or her next meal will come from. The individual will be able to create it. This is what is needed, for more individuals to shift this world into a higher vibration of all possibilities. If you think socialism is the answer, then you might want to look at Venezuela, a socialistic society where the people are starving. Hong Kong is even pushing and fighting for their freedom of democracy as originally promised to them.

So how do individuals create what they need? When talking about creation in higher dimensions, people usually think of the apple being created in one’s hand. That is a sample of what can be achieved. All can learn to create what is needed. It is a matter of accepting it, for it is already there.

Instead of being concerned about who is going to pay for your debts, choose to be the one who can create what is needed by moving forward into higher planes of consciousness. Be responsible for yourself and assist others by being the example. Be in the flow of life and be your own master who rules over yourself and your own inner world. Instead of being caught up in worries and being part of the problem, decide to be the solution by creating your own world as you desire it to be.

If you do not know where to start, ask Archangel Michael for guidance or for the first step. He will guide you to where you need to be and assist you in finding your path. You can also go within and ask for guidance. You will not necessarily need a college degree or to attend college. If it is needed, you will be provided with the means to do that. Life can be so much easier than you think. Follow your path, be in the flow and become a master of change.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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