Life is Made Up of Little Things

I remember reading about the field of flowers in a high mountain valley discovered by an individual on the internet. I believe it was while visiting her daughter who had wished to share a country road nearby. As they traveled along the fog-covered road and reached the peak of a hill, the steep climb down revealed the beauty hidden beyond the fog. After further visits and in awe of the flower field, she stopped to express her thanks for the joy of such a sight. The elderly lady had planted a little each year, adding what she could until it became a field of abundant beauty to behold by those passing by. This is an example of how one individual can bring joy to many, one small step at a time. Find your passion and create that joy for yourself as this individual did and you will bring joy to others.

In California, I used to walk a regular route of nearby neighborhoods and enjoy nature’s beauty. There was one small home with roses lining the front sidewalk behind a low, white picket fence. I would always stop to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the roses. After many days of not following my usual routine, I again began the familiar walk only to be stopped by the owner who asked if something had happened to me since she had not seen me in the morning hours. Her joy was magnified by seeing another appreciate the gift offered by the roses.

Life is made up of many little things which can bring much joy to you and others. Breathe into its sweetness.


Wishing you love in all that you do,



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