Prepare for Life’s Storms

We are here today to continue with our writings and messages while the storm is easing before the next one is getting ready to follow.

Many individuals feel their life is like a storm; with much chaos and life swirling before them, not knowing how to prepare for the coming storm in life. Others know that when the storm hits, they will be able to determine what is needed and what is not needed. They are the ones who usually do not panic. Perhaps they have ridden out storms in the past and are prepared as much as possible or have already followed their guidance. Yes, some will panic while others will go with the flow. This is what we want you to do; go with the flow.

In order to go with the flow, you must be in the present. Observe what is going on around you. Watch what others are doing. Is that what your guidance is telling you to do or is it the opposite of what is being done by others? If you are in the present, you will know what needs to be done. Sometimes it is to step aside as the storm rolls through; other times it is to walk through or into the storms of life. Common sense also takes a part in your decision. If a hurricane is predicted for your area and moving in quickly, then you need to prepare. Your guidance should not have to tell you to buy extra food and water or to fill your gas tank.

Many individuals have a sense there are major storms brewing in so many areas; whether it be the weather that others have prepared for since they had prior knowledge and left others in the dark to fend for themselves. It could be an economic crisis to the debt that has not been brought under control, or the stock market that seems to be on a roller coaster ride. These are only a sample of all the things that could throw an economy or nation into serious problems. Since nations are affected by other nations, the world could be affected as a whole.

This is not to say that the world is collapsing or about to implode in so many different ways. The world is just changing. We have said before that your planet is moving into another area of your solar system where energy is of a higher frequency and without the polarity that is strongly being shown to you in so many different ways. Third dimension is falling apart. Allow things to happen as they should. Know something better is coming. This will never happen overnight. Instead, the shift is composed of waves of energy that are higher than the third dimension you are leaving behind.

You will see people coming together to assist one another. To an extent, countries also do this. Countries cannot depend on another country to bail them out and go back to their same habits of overspending and expect to continue being bailed out. It is like a child who spends all his or her money and demands more. If the parent continues giving the child more money, then the child is learning that it does not matter if he or she overspends since the parent is reinforcing the behavior. The lesson is for the child to live within his or her means. Bad habits die hard. What are your bad habits that may need to be brought under control? Otherwise, the bad habit will continue to be a problem until one day the individual has no choice.

There are no free handouts; everything comes at a price. The price may not be in money, but it may come as a higher price than money. It could come at the cost of your freedom. When freebies look too good to be true, they usually are. Look for the motive of those promoting the freebies. What are they looking to gain?

One must prepare for times to come, even if he or she does not know what to expect. How should one prepare for the storms of life that may be ahead? What are the things you would need to survive? Water, food and something for keeping warm in cold times are a start. Buy a few extra food products and store it in your cupboard. Could you get by now without going grocery shopping for at least a week or a month? What would you do with a major storm decimated your city or state? Do you have an escape plan or are you going to wait for the government (your parent) to bail you out? If everyone did that, it would be chaos. You are responsible for yourself. How are you preparing for life’s storms; whether they are peaceful or stormy days ahead? Have you set things aside for an emergency? This includes some cash in case the grid goes down. Without electricity, you would not be able to get money for the ATM or gas at a gas station or for groceries if there any left in the stores.

So when you think about the potential storms that may befall you and your families, have you set up an emergency plan or plans? While you are watching the game of life play out, remember it does affect you and you need to be prepared for the stormy times as well as the good times ahead. You are still human. Even in good times, you will be tested as you move into higher planes.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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