Pay Attention; Be Aware

Many of you have been told things and some do not know what to believe or how much of what was said was true.

How does one know it is their truth? Facts can be changed but truths cannot. Then how come things are true for some but not for others? It is because all of you are at different places on your path. When you first started out, things may have seemed easy and you did not understand why others had more challenges than you. They must be doing something wrong. No; they are not.

What is true today may not be true tomorrow. As you expand into higher planes, you may be faced with more challenges. After all, if it were easy. Everyone would be doing it.

There are always challenges for different reasons. Sometimes you are still working out what you call karma or you have chosen a tougher side road to learn certain lessons. You may feel that if you learn something the hard way, you will never forget it. Another reason is that you have ignored a lesson and it keeps coming back to you, each time in a more difficult form until you finally confront it. There may also be other reasons. If there is doubt or even another layer of the lesson to learn, then it may return.

Remove all doubt as you travel your path. Be firm with what you say. If you mean no, then say ‘no’ and hold your ground. You will find fourth dimensional beings are the same as those on Earth in this respect. If you do not directly say no, they will take it as a yes or try to push your boundaries.

Just because spirits are at higher levels of energy does not mean they are all loving and have your best interest in mind. As we have said before, be aware of your surroundings and your feelings. You body and energy can sense what is going on around you. Pay attention.

We asked you to also pay attention to nature. It would be good to spend some time in nature and see how it works for the highest good and in synchronicity with all those involved. Nature’s laws are truth. Pay attention to what the norm is and when patterns change. Pay attention when things do not feel right. These are things to look for and be aware of. Follow your intuition and it will continue to assist you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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