Every Day is a Holy Day


This day is a very special day. All days are special. It is a holy day; every day is a holy day. You make it a holy day each day and become more attuned to the higher energies. Instead of making one day per week or just on a few holidays per year special, make each day a day to celebrate.

What does one celebrate? Celebrate the gift of life for it is a gift given to you to live and to experience the many things that it has to offer. Experience through what you see, hear, taste, feel and smell. Celebrate the moment, each moment and the space between each breath where you can create. Celebrate the friendships you have made, the people in your life, the experiences of everyday life that are taken for granted by the many. Celebrate the beauty in nature, experiencing her beauty and how nature works in harmony. Celebrate the breath of life that has been given to you. These are the things you can celebrate.

When you celebrate the moment, you are in the moment. The moment is now, now and now. Now is where all things happen. Nothing can happen or exist outside of the now. This is why it is important to be and to stay in the now. Now is all that you have. You create in the now. You live and love in the now. You breathe in the now. All is in the now. This is why we celebrate now.

Humans usually celebrate events rather than moments. It is the graduation events from high school, college, the celebration of marriage, a birthday or having a child. All of these are events being celebrated. These things fly by and you look for the next event to celebrate. Instead of celebrating the event, celebrate the moment. In this way, life becomes a daily celebration. You begin to live life as a whole (holy); as a total celebration of what is, and of, life. You begin to see the beauty in all that is and to appreciate life for what it is instead of looking for what it could be. In this way, you are not missing the moments in your life or your child’s life as the child grows.

Make everyday whole by making it holy, one moment at a time. Spend some time with us. Make time for yourself in your busy world. Find out who you are and what is important to you. Make every moment important to you, one moment at a time. Keep each day holy and walk in God’s grace.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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