Preparing for Coming Changes

We have told you to prepare. How do you prepare and what should one do? It will be somewhat different for everyone. Some will stay in their home while others must leave. There are your physical needs and your preparation within, which is releasing the fear so you will be able to confront whatever situation occurs. Go within and ask what is needed and prepare for it. We have mentioned the obvious in being prepared. Food, water, clothes, a full tank of gas in your car in case you need to leave and whatever else you may need. If you have pets, you need to prepare a go bag for them. You may never be fully prepared because you do not know what exactly will be needed. Prepare for what you can. Have a radio to assist you in keeping up with the news and weather warnings.

You must do the work yourself. Ask within what things you will need or what is going to occur. You have so many beings wanting to assist but they must wait for you to ask for help. Listen to others but ask your guides within what it is you need to do next. Do not discard it if you think it does not make sense or that could not be what you are to do.

The important thing is to be in the present and stay out of the fear and mind chatter. Fear can take you places in your mind you do not need to be. The fear of others can also affect you. Step back and observe. If you stay in the present, you will be able to see what is happening and decide based on the alternatives rather than your emotions or the emotions of others. The time to act is always now, now and now.

Be alert and aware of what is happening around you. If something does not feel right, then inquire within. Turbulent times are ahead. It is time to do what you can in the time you have left before the next storm. Be in the stillness in the early morning air as if all is right with the world. Relax and observe what is around you. So much is happening within the stillness. Be a neutral observer of your surroundings and stay out of the fear. Ask for assistance and protection if you need it. The archangels and others are willing to help.

Wishing you love in all that you do,


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