Your planet’s new platform will be that of the fifth dimension. The jump from the third to the fifth dimension is one of great change since you must move through the fourth first. The fourth dimension is one of being; being in a state of observation and neutrality as if watching a movie without emotions. Unsupportive thoughts and the dramas and traumas of life do not belong here.

Fourth dimension allows one the opportunity to observe so one can make better choices. It is the opportunity to be in the present moment and watch the play of life from a different perspective. As you move into higher planes, your thoughts manifest faster. Being in the present helps keep you away from manifesting unsupportive thoughts.

Exercise:  When you find yourself starting to react or not being in the present, close your eyes and inhale to the count of four. Then hold your breath to the count of four before releasing the breath to the count of four and then wait to the count of four. Repeat this process three times and it will bring you back into the present. Things may look or feel differently when you open your eyes. Practice this often when needed so it is easier to stay in the present when you really need it.

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