Becoming Your Own Master

It is time for you to create your purpose, to step forward and work in harmony with others and to be who you came to be. You are the ones you have been looking for. There are no knights in shiny armor coming for you. You are your own shining knight, waiting to stand up and be the best you can be. It is with much love we say these things.

You do not know the power and strength you carry and how to use it to your advantage. Now is the time to discover what you can do and what you are meant to do in this lifetime. We have said before, each of you has a part to play.

Each individual person is important to the creation of the play of life. All play equally important parts and must work together in order for things to work smoothly. They must work smoothly to bring your planet and its people into the new world desired by the many.

It is a world of love, joy, peace and harmony. How do you get there? One person at a time, one heart at a time. It is a progression of the many to make it happen. Stay positive. No matter what you say, know that all is and will be well. Do not step into the drama that may occur around you. It is not your stuff. Those who have chosen drama and trauma will have their way. They are the ones who are leaving. You are not unless you choose to leave.

The earth will be a planet of beauty once again. Those who are destroying it and wish to continue its destruction will be sent elsewhere to live out their drama with others of like mind. It is you who choose to take your planet back and bring it into harmony and balance once more; to restore it to its natural beauty and to be the caretakers of the many who reside on the planet.

Those who choose to take their lessons to an even higher plane will do so and have the opportunity to grow even more in yet higher realms. Eventually all will choose this. It is a means of being responsible on a much larger level. Instead of being a stage hand, you take on the responsibility of producing your own play. In this case it may be the overseeing of other souls and guiding them on their path. It may even be the creator of another planet, developing it from its infancy to full development.

Creation, love and joy continue on much higher levels than you could possibly imagine. You are the creators and as such you wish to continue creating and learning on higher levels. This may seem like such a far reach for so many to believe at this point. Yet there are many masters, saints, and avatars as you call them who have mastered the various planes.

Many of these beings took lifetimes on Earth so they would know what it was like to walk your path. Others have taken their sojourns elsewhere and have become masters of equal importance. They came to show you the way and are lighthouses just as your light workers are now. All of them send out their beacons of light to guide and protect you from the dangers at sea; the sea of life. This is why so many follow the masters.

You have probably heard of the masters―some from this lifetime. The Dalai Lama is well-known as a teacher showing others how to navigate the dimensions as does Swami Chidvilasananda, fondly known as Gurumayi. Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda’s guru, has come forward to guide those with everyday lessons, showing the more practical side of life and working with everyday situations. He is also a co-author of some of my books. The greatest master known on your planet is Jesus.

All are way showers. They can point the way and even walk with you and protect you when asked, but they cannot do the work for you. You must want to do your work. It is through accomplishing the unknown that so many will take their place in the universe. While it may seem like a struggle, it is all very simple. Simple does not mean it is easy. That part is up to you. Humans tend to think simple and easy are not possible and that things must be difficult. The individual’s mind makes things difficult for him or herself.

Follow the ways of those who succeeded before you and the way will be much easier for you. Be well my friends.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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