Keeping Your Balance

So many of you are feeling the heaviness of the energies, feeling down or having mood swings. Balance seems to be a big issue at this time.

Balance includes not just loosing you balance as you walk; it also includes clearing out what is no longer needed. Your body, mind and spirit also need balancing.

The mind is bringing things up in the present that were part of the past; for example, your emotional issues. You are not stepping back into the past; instead, your mind is bringing it into the present. Let it go by you or say, “That was then and this is now and I’m okay.”

If you live in a warm climate at this time, an easy way to balance the body is to connect with the Earth by walking barefoot on grass or sitting with your hands and feet in the grass for at least ten minutes. Since the climate in New Mexico is cold, my advice is to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor (barefoot). Close your eyes and relax with a few deep breaths. Mentally, tell your feet to sink through the carpet and cement or wood floor, whichever applies. After a few moments, tell your feet to grow roots into the center of the Earth. Wait a few moments more. You may or may not feel it in your feet.

Next, intend to bring the energy from the center of the Earth up through the roots of your feet and up your body as you breathe in. Bring the energy all the way up to the top of your head. Then bring it back down through the body and out your feet into the ground as you breathe slowly out. Repeat this procedure several times.

The exercise has several versions to it. You can bring the energy up one foot and side of the body and then down the other side and out your other foot into the Earth. We are a part of nature and nature can assist you. If you are having problems with your balance, try this in the early morning and as needed during your day. Another part of keeping yourself balanced is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Balance is everything.

Wishing you love and balance in all that you do,  Mary

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