A World of Aspects

“We live in a fractal world where things or patterns are repeated; so, of course, we have aspects. Fractal patterns keep repeating themselves and possess inherent characteristics of its original being.”   The Archangels and Sri Yukteswar.

Nature speaks visually to us using simple shapes and patterns to communicate meanings and emotions. Truth is found in nature via patterns and shapes that have been accepted in meaning throughout billions of years. The shapes and patterns are also within us, such as the branching of our arteries and our DNA which is a double helix.

As below, so above; as above, so below. In third dimension, you see fractal patterns in nature as nature repeats itself over and over again as the plants reach for the light. You are also moving toward the light on your journey home. You are a part of nature and must follow the laws of nature.

An aspect is a part of something bigger than itself. As creators, souls create aspects for a specific purpose. The soul creates more than one aspect because the soul wishes to accomplish much but cannot do all of it in one lifetime. Many lifetimes are created to be experienced through and/or to learn lessons. Lifetimes can be lived concurrently on the same planet, each with a different purpose. An aspect may be a healer, teacher, parent, child or fulfill a myriad of purposes. It may also be a past or future life.  Aspects may take different shapes such as an animal, fairy, a light or whatever it chooses to become. Since we live in a multi-verse, aspects can also be created in different dimensions.

The soul is responsible for what it creates just as you and I are responsible for what we do and create. If the soul has created hundreds or even thousands of aspects, then the soul does not have its full strength since each aspect is given a part of the soul’s energy and power.

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