Your Choice, Your Way

Again, we continue with what so many of you already know within your soul. It is a coming of many things that all have been prepared for in some way. It is the coming together of many events for the highest good of all who reside on the earth. We wish to say that much is being done and much is being prepared for to assist the masses as Earth makes its turn in the great cycle of its planet back to the home from which it came so many millenniums ago.

All are preparing for their ascension throughout the universe as Earth makes its move first. Without Earth moving into the fifth dimension, other planets within the universe cannot move forward either. All must work together for the good of all. This is why so many are watching from afar and have sent their love and light.

Personal sacrifices have been made for individuals who are to assist moving the planet and its people into the fifth dimension. The masters continue to send and flood their love to help hold the vibration for those who need it to step into the love that is. It is a beautiful sight to see so many coming together to assist a planet and its people who have tried and struggled for so long against lower forces and those who intend to thwart the plan. No longer can this happen. God has decreed and also assists those who ask for assistance.

Other worlds have watched the struggle that has occurred on your planet and are coming forward to offer their services in love and light. Many have gathered strength and encouragement from them and accepted their assistance from higher realms. This is a community of sorts coming together from other nations and worlds to help the community of Earth to rise above its bondage and ascend in love into the higher realms.

Individually jumping or moving from one dimension to another is usually how it is done. Earth has come together with its people to say, “No more; it is time to move forward”. You move forward together instead of individually; no longer leaving the unprepared behind to suffer without the assistance of those with the higher energies. It is with love; great love for humanity and the light workers who are now beacons of light for others. Light workers who carried the load for humanity in the past are receiving needed help.

Each person is responsible for releasing his or her own baggage. This has always been the way it was. Many who wanted to help others ascend did so by taking on the transgressions and mitigating or releasing them. Some of those in past lifetimes who cleared others were able to separate themselves in this lifetime from such abuse that drained their energy. It was too easy for those who realized they did not have to change their ways since someone else would clear them. Such situations will no longer be allowed. All must stand up and be responsible for releasing any baggage they need to remove.

All will have decisions and choices to make. Some individuals will have the opportunity to move elsewhere to learn what still needs to be learned. Those who choose to stay on the earth and continue to work on their lessons and spiritual growth will do so. The ones who are ready to move into even higher realms beyond the fifth dimension to do their work will. This is an overview of your choices to come. We suggest you weigh your options by observing the opportunities as they are offered and make your choice by saying ‘yes’ to the universe.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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