About the 5th Dimension

An introduction to the 5th Dimension to help you understand what Earth is moving into and how you can best succeed during this transformational time

5D Living

5D Success

5D living is about creating your purpose and/or career (which is your gift to the world), love, joy, spiritual growth, community and working in harmony with Earth and its residents. We create with love and in love one step at a time, one moment at a time, as we follow the clues along the way. After the first clue is followed, then the second clue will appear and so on. The fifth dimension is a new way of being and living. It is something our souls have been asking for; something better than our current way of life.

In the fifth dimension, many things will change: from the definitions of our words to how we view our careers and our changing world. Success and community have many layers and levels to be worked through, similar to some of the computer games many play. We will still, however, be in the physical body.

In third dimension, the ego continually runs its loop of repeated unsupportive programs such as 'not good enough' or self judgment for past events with would have, could have and should have. You did your best at the time; accept it and ignore unsupportive thoughts, giving them no further power or replace them with positive thoughts. Being in the moment creates your new future.

Success has many layers and levels to it. It is connecting with your true essence, your higher self, allowing the ego to step aside and flowing with the wisdom that enters you. Whether you are successful or not is up to you. You must work toward it by finding your career or purpose, setting up an action plan and following it. Success is a flow. As one part of your life begins to fall into place, then other areas will also begin to flow. For example when I paint, the elementals help me with relationships within the paintings and painting becomes a flow.

Sometimes success takes one on a road you never really intended to follow, only to find it was  exactly what you were looking for and needed. All the things done along the way prepared you for the job you came to do. If you follow what you truly enjoy doing, then the clues along the way have been followed, and that brings your heart's desire and the balance in life. It sets you on a journey of love and enjoyment for yourself and for others who need or enjoy your work. That is the journey of love people desire; the journey of losing yourself in what you enjoy, only to find your love for life, for yourself, and for others.

Discovering 5D Community

5D Relationships

All of us seek community in one way or another. Community is working in cooperation and harmony with others. It is the bringing together of ideas and thoughts and to build what is needed for the community to function as a whole. It is a matter of working together for the benefit of all, but not to the detriment of any. It must be cooperative in all respects to each member of the community, for each member plays an important part for the betterment of the community. Community and cooperation must be involved in your success, for you are never alone. Separation does not belong at this level of creation.

How does one know they have found their community? Is it what you choose to do? Does it fulfill your needs? Can you contribute to the community and those within, working in cooperation for the betterment of all members?

It will be a natural flow for you as those around you assist you and you in turn assist them. It is a giving and receiving taking place in a very natural respect for each other at a level of cooperation where all are equal. This is the community that is to be created in the fifth dimension. Each member is loved and respected. There is no hierarchy of one being more important than another. All bring something to the table in cooperation and community in its true sense. Allow it to happen as such and it will be. It is the way of nature and the way life was meant to be.

Everything in life is related and connected. We affect one another in all that we do, for we are all one together. This is the way things are and shall always be. Then what do we mean by relationships? All have made contracts and vows before entering this lifetime to assist and be assisted by others. We also offer contracts to our family and friends on the other side by asking or choosing to learn a specific lesson. Someone will come forward to fulfill the contract.

The new relationship is one of coming together for the betterment of all to present your gift(s) to the world and to create at a higher level in a different way. While male and female relationships may continue, a new way of co-creating is coming forward at the higher levels. It is the coming together of community to create what is needed in the new world for the betterment of society and the world at large. Instead of a 'me' platform, it is one of observing and choosing your creation, the best path for you, what you choose to learn and then taking one step at a time to find your team. The individuals needed will be there when you are ready for them. Trust and know all is in divine order and it will be so.

Expressing with Spirit

You are never alone. Whether you realize it or not, your higher self, angels, ascended masters and loved ones on the other side often work with you. If you assist mother Earth by recycling, preserving nature or caring for the planet in other ways, the elementals may choose to work with you and assist you in your creations.

Creation comes in many different revelations. It can be thoughts of energy forces or thoughts of creation that are more Earthy; such as pieces of art, which take individuals on an adventure of knowing and learning about themselves. It is the art work that creates itself. The artist only reveals what is already there to be shown and chooses to come forth.

It is the artist who is taken on a journey of unraveling the path by which the art wishes to reveal itself. This is the way of any project of creation. The unraveling is a path the creator is taken on, teaching the individual a new way of being. The artist does not always choose how the art will be revealed.

Life is this way also. You choose to work and to create in love. It is love that puts individuals on the journey, revealing new ways of being, doing, and opening each individual up to new potentials. There is no one way to create a piece of art. The artist asks "What if..." and decides what the result is to be. The journey may open new ways and thoughts, rearranging them in another direction. The end result may be something better than intended. The idea one starts with is not always the end result.

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