With Love and Light

It is through love and light that you communicate with others and they so respond. It is the way of the higher frequencies and how we choose to honor each other through respect and working with each other. It is with this we choose to show you the easiest way to travel.

The heart is the central hub of your universe. Go there with love in your heart and all opens unto you. Travel on the beam of love or light to wherever you choose to go in search of and what it is you choose to know or what you choose to do. Always have an intention in mind when you travel. If you have no destination or intention in mind or guidance, you may find yourself wandering to parts unknown with others who may not have your highest good in mind. When you travel with love and light, it protects you from harm and takes you to your destination. It is a frequency wave on which you may travel.

As you travel, you may hear voices of others. They also travel in the same tunnel as you do, perhaps with the same destination in mind or perhaps not. They may be traveling with others in the sleep state to parts unknown to do their work. The tunnel may appear to you as clear or you may experience it differently. Many of you may not even see how you are traveling.

For some, it is like traveling at high speed along a road as if a highway with a center line. Sometimes you may be guided as if skiing down or up a hill; riding a bike uphill or over a rainbow. Maybe you will see a very dark road or swirling tunnel. Travel is not always the same. Some travel through a common flower, such as a sunflower. If you are clairvoyant, you may or may not see these things. It does not matter.

Travel without distractions or questions to sidetrack you. Hold the love that you are and observe if you choose to do so. People often travel the same path or tunnel depending on what they are working on. Others will get off at different places. Ask your guides to assist if needed or ask an angel, archangel or a master to travel with you and protect and guide you to your destination and purpose. It is often unknown territory for you and you will want to be protected from any and all harm.

Those who use a one-point focus in their work may also find themselves traveling within to receive information or directions for what they are creating. Whatever you do, do with love and light in your heart. It will take you to where you need to be or assist you in accomplishing what you choose to do.

Wishing you love in all that you do,



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