Navigating the Shift

The shift continues and May will bring more of it to the table. Are you releasing all that needs to be released? If you do not know what still needs to be released, ask your guides or meditate to find your answer.

Anger from this life time and past lives tends to be prominent. Gather up all your anger through intention and send it to the light. You could make a ball of it and send the anger up in that form if you choose. Replace it with whatever you want, such as unconditional love, peace or whatever you choose. Do not take it back. If you stay in the present, you will catch yourself and choose to see the situation with love or however else you choose to view it.

The shift is like an ocean tide. The water moves out to expand and grow. Then it returns, but not all the way back to where it began. This continues as you allow yourself to expand and grow. As the process continues and you see the earth differently, allow yourself to be curious and open to the newness. You will see Earth in a different light.

My book, Navigating the Shift, Your personal Energy Transformation for the Now! shares some of my experiences in the fifth dimension and several different experiences with the aspects of my soul. The book gives you an overall view of aspects, why they are important to the soul and your part as an aspect. The next step, whether you move into the fifth dimension or return to the soul, is explained. We are all aspects. Even the archangels have aspects since we live in a fractal universe.

If you liked some of my recent posts, then you may be interested in this book. The print book of Navigating the Shift, Your personal Energy Transformation for the Now! is now available on Amazon. To find out more about it, click here.

I apologize about the link not working last week. I did not catch the error until later in the week. It should now be up and active for your viewing.

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