Stay Positive with Joy and Happiness

The instructor of a meditation class stated that we created our life, planning it out on the other side with assistance of others. My husband and I could not believe we created all the things we had been through and the road ahead. All of us have lessons to learn in this life. How you intend to learn them is up to you. Once you realize that, you can always ask that your lessons be gentle and easy. If you are going through tough times, you could also ask, “What is the lesson I need to learn and what is the easiest way to learn it?”

It is all about how you look at things. You might say, “I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control how I react to what happens.” The alternative of being upset and angry pulls your energy into a lower dimension such as back into the third instead of the fifth dimension. The best alternative can be brushing off what happened as if to say, “At least I made it through what happened and I am okay.”

Thank God for everything that happens to you. You do not know how much grace was given to you or how it could have been a lot worse when something happens. Then put a smile on your face to lift your spirits.

When you are positive, you are joyful. It is in joy that one lives in the fifth dimension. It is a choice you make just as gratitude is a choice. Joy comes from being in the moment and allowing yourself to be in the flow of what is. When one is joyful, the other concerns fall by the wayside. Your path in this lifetime is one of joy and happiness for yourself and for others. Joy and happiness are also choices

Joy is an expression of love; love for yourself and others. No one else can bring you joy. You must choose it for yourself. From there, it can spread to others. When you love yourself unconditionally, there is a joy and a lightheartedness about you. You do not take things so seriously. It is a way of living and a lifestyle you choose to live. Some go as far as to block all unsupportive thoughts from their minds and ignore the unsupportive energies as if they do not exist. They will avoid anyone who tries to bring them back into third dimension where they would need to deal with those energies in a more powerful way.

Joy brings you back to your original nature of a life of happiness. You were meant to live in joy with nature, to appreciate and to find gratitude in all that you do. Life then becomes a flow and all needs are provided. What you need shows up in different ways. You are also supported in different ways. It may be through others in your community, from nature or someone who just shows up. There are no limits to how the universe provides for you.

Wishing you love in all that you do,




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